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Kroger uses expressHR to manage such a large workforce efficiently. This online portal allows the company on more important things. Thus, the expressHR portal is effectively used by the Kroger to increase the overall productivity on their premises.

express HR is an online gateway comparable to Employees can also obtain their personal and professional information through this Kroger Login portal. Employees can also update their details as needed. The portal can be accessed through a URL Employees must use a company ID and password to securely access the portal. There, employees can manage all their information in one place.

expressHR Contact Information

You can use the contact details given below if you need to reach out to the customer support of the expressHR:

The Kroger Co. (Headquarters): 1014 Vine Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100

Telephone Number: +1 513 762-4000


The primary focus of Kroger’s Human Resources department is to hire the best people for the company. Their job is to hire employees for the company. How Hr express provides a wide range of products and services to make life easier for Kroger store employees. With a secure web connection, all Kroger employees can sign in with their secure Kroger ID and password.

Due to its increasing size and the development of the employee database across international borders due to Kroger’s industrial growth, Kroger needed a simple and efficient solution to hire new employees and manage its employees. This is where expressHR is used efficiently.

All Kroger employees can manage their hours through the expressHR Login portal. It is extremely easy to register and login to the expressHR Login portal. Also, you can avail of the offered services only after signing in to this portal.

Kroger is an American company that was established in 1983. It is today one of the largest supermarkets in the USA. This company cares for the employees, and the expressHR gives a clear idea about the same.

Kroger operates primarily in industries such as pharmaceuticals, supermarkets, retail stores, supermarkets, products, and manufacturing.